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Cubiio2 Firmwares

  • The latest Cubiio2 firmware (1.1.4)

          Change Log:
          . Monitor the temperature of laser modules better.
          . Fixed some issues of API responses.

  • 1.1.0

          Change Log:
          . Task ending alarm.
          . Support basic shapes of Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG. (more details on MDN Web Doc)

          New Features:
          . Support Basic Shapes of Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG
            -- Support svg tag with viewBox attribute.

              i.  A vewBoxe tells Cubiio2 how big the svg is.
              ii. The svg align the left-down corner of Cubiio2.

            -- Support basic shapes that described in MDN Web Doc
              * line: uses attributes x1, y1, x2, and y2 to run a path of line.
              * circle: uses attributes cx, cy, and r to run a path of circle.
              * ellispe: uses attributes cx, cy, rx, and ry to run a path of ellipse.
              * rect: uses attributes x, y, width, and height to run a path of rectangle.
              * polyline: uses attributes path to run a multi-jointed line path.
              * polygon: same as polyline and run an extra line from the last point to the first point.
              * path: fully supports attribute d to build complex paths, including
                 moveto (m/M), line (l/L), horizontal line (h/H), vertical line (v/V), close (z/Z),
                 cubic bezier curve (c/C), stringed cubic bézier curve (s/S), quadratic bézier curves (q/Q), stringed quadratic bézier curves (t/T), and arc (a/A).

            -- Limitations
              i.    Both of the x-min and y-min of a viewBox must be 0.
              ii.   No filling. The attribute "fill" is ignored.
              iii.  Attributes that are not used to define paths of shapes are ignored
              iv.  Attributes rx and ry of rects are ignored.

  • 1.0.5f1

          Change Log:
          . A rebuild of 1.0.5

  • 1.0.5 (broken build, some features are missing, use 1.0.5f1)

          Change Log:
          . Improved the performance of positioning.
          . Improved the performance of reading files.

  • 1.0.4

          Change Log:
          . Over heat is not a system error any more. It is a status of Cubiio2 now
          . G-code parsing
            -- Arc command accept parameter R now.
            -- Fixed a bug that comment char (;) might causes misparsing.
          . LED Behavior
            -- The LED will be breathing while being paused

    Desktop Assistant

  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.7 (win7+)
  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.7 (macOS)

  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.6 build 7 (win7+)
  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.6 build 7 (macOS)

  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.5 (win7+)
  • Cubiio2 Assistant 1.0.5 (macOS)

    Android App (Android 7.1+)

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  • Cubiio2-1.2.1 (the latest)
  • Cubiio2-1.2.0
  • Cubiio2-1.0.0-alpha
  • Cubiio2-0.0.1-alpha